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We help you to turn your financial data into online reports

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Have a 360° view on your business

Time Saving

Be informed 24/7 and make faster decisions

Cost Saving

Data-driven decision management helps you to cut unnecessary costs

Platform Independent

Where ever you are, check your reports on desktop or mobile devices.

What is dashboard.lu?

"Our dashboard.lu services help you to strengthen your business and become more competitive"

About us


Dashboard.lu is a partnership founded in 2014 between Muller & Associés and PrimeResults

imageMuller & Associés is a leading Luxembourg rooted service provider to the Luxembourg SME, large corporations and public sector. Muller & Associés work with entrepreneurs, managers and decision takers in the public sector to aggregate, format, and package their financial and business relevant information in order to support them in their key decision processes.

imagePrimeResults is a young Luxemburgish startup founded in 2014 with its core activities in data analytics services. PrimeResults is your partner to turn data into answers. Their data analytics services help you strengthen your business in order to become more cost efficient, productive and profitable

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